Cat’s out of the bag!

Except she’s a cat so she’s doing the opposite and is clearly in the bag.

I forgot to say that there are two more sort of new designs coming out this month.  ‘Sort of’ because they’ve both been out for quite a few years and are some of the most popular Pippin designs, but now they’re going to be smaller!

So they were like this

and now they’re also available like this:

Kidding.  Our dog and cat canvases have always been available on 13 count canvas and now they’re also available on 18.  Yay! I love how things look so teensy and neat when they’re on smaller canvas.

My parents’ cat is kicking up his heels with delight.

Extremely formal apology:  I apologize profusely at the fuzziness of the cat pictures.  I was clearly using the situation (and the use of the word “cat”) to shamelessly post two pictures that I’ve been wanting to use but were taken in low light.  I am not worthy.

And to keep the dogs happy here’s a happy dog at my happy place.

Also blurry.  What is it with all of these blurry animals??

Like all Pippin canvases, if you feel like taking on these two, 13 or 18, contact your favourite needlepoint store.

One thought to “Little dogs and cats”

  • Gayle

    Jen,I love them on 18!!! Great idea! Course I love all your wonderful designs on 13!!


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