One of those days.

Reheated myself a beautiful big bowl of ramen and bok choy for lunch.  Who needs that trendy place downtown?  I can put together my own.  Yummy chicken.  Eggs cooked just right.  Fresh bok choy.

Maybe too fresh bok choy.  I was through almost the whole delicious bowl when I realized there was something a bit crunchy in my mouth. was running through in my head what could be crunchy as I spat out this guy.  Ugh.

Always wash your fresh bok choy.

I took another bite.  I know.  Why?  I think I just thought the worst was over.  The bug had been eaten.  The noodles were so good.

Hmm.  another little crunch.

Ah.  Yes of course.  Now I see the the first mouthful was missing its head.  OK all good now.  Head found.

I did not, you’ll be relieved to know, eat any more of that bowl and instead tried to get the thought of crunchy mouthfuls out of my head.

One of the cats came to hang out beside me and give me a little ‘poor you’ love.  I kept feeling a tickle on my leg and figured it was her long fur but when it became apparent that the tickle was moving and she was not I looked down to find this friend.

This absolutely huge friend.

But I wasn’t too upset.  I don’t think bumble bees sting and bees are having troubles.  I stayed calm, hoped he didn’t know I was a known bug-eater, and got him outside.

A bit later I heard the cats running around especially noisily upstairs.  Not a good sign when doors are open.  I reluctantly headed upstairs to find that Scout, the not-as-good hunter, the one who specializes in catching lizards but hasn’t in a couple of years, had indeed found one and brought it in.  She had dropped it on the floor and was looking at it in as much shock at what she’d pulled off as me.  The lizard was looking a little put out and looking up at Scout as if why was she so mean. Lucy, the other cat, was sidling away and looking uncomfortable.  She is game to catch anything but lizards.  I’m not sure if this is out of kindness giving her sister an area to shine in (occasionally) or whether she has an ethical problem with them, but she was clearly feeling a little disconcerted about developments.

Luckily Scout was still so flustered that I was able to shoo her away and get the little guy into a cup and outside.

He seemed fine.  I was worried about those back toes, they look a little funky, but they’re the same on both feet so I guess it’s his thing.  Cutie.  He’ll be pulling that cat hair off of them for a while I bet.

I waited till the cats weren’t looking and then tried to find him a safe getaway, sent him on his way with sorries and advice to go find a hiding spot for a bit, and last saw him disappearing with a few muttered lizard expletives drifting back to me.   Fair enough.

Just another day.

Is it any wonder I draw so many bugs and lizards things?

I do love them.

And Pippin loves stitchers and those who would like to try so we’ve put together some First Stitch kits.  They come with everything you need to stitch a little guy (12 mesh so they’re easy to get started on, and fast to do), and then stick it in a matte and frame.  Done!

We’re starting with these six.  Some Pippin characters there you may recognize.

Aren’t they fun? We’re hoping there’s something for everyone and that they could be a fun start to needlepointing for all ages, a leaping off point where the thought’s been done.  They could also be just a fun little project for those who have leapt long ago.

And they come with no wiggling parts, no crunchy things in your soup, and no funky lizard toes.  So, a bonus.

If you know someone who wants to try needlepointing order through your favourite needlepoint store.  These are so fresh they aren’t on the website quite yet and won’t be heading out the door till September, but Mary’s taking orders for them now.  We hope they call out to stitchers both brand new and not.

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